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 Panel Themes:

  1. Global Financial Crisis: Causes; Macroeconomic and Social effects; State Policy- fiscal and monetary,  Action to cope with this crisiss ; new product development and newways for increasing production, employment, export and raising economic growth.
  2. Sustainable Economic & Social Development Under Financial Meltdown (country experiences)
    1. Minimizing the Impact of Climate Change: on production, consumption, environment, social structure, poverty & human health.
    2. Food Security for Sustainable Development: country experiences.
      1. What change is required in current agricultural and food distribution policies to increase  food supply; role of innovation.
      2. The New Green Revolution to increase food supply via continuous innovation.
      3. The EU and the USA agricultural policies’ and their effects on LDC agriculture. (Country experiences)
    3. Tourism as an Engine of Growth(medical, spiritual, historical , nature and  ecotourism)
    4. Managing Collaborative Development: open innovation practices in services for sustainable development.
  3. Change in Trade Patterns and Composition for Sustainable Development:
    Current trade composition and pattern; their impacts & necessary changes; growth in service sector (tourism), innovation to change trade composition for development; Trade and rise of nation states and the demise of West's economic power.
  4. Gandhian Planning for Sustainable Development
    1. Re-interpretation of Gandhian & Buddhist Economics (Non-Violent Economics.) Role of innovation to implement Gandhian Development plan, Rural & Village tourism.
    2. Gender Bias in budgeting and policy Implementation for Women’s Participation in Resource Conservation, Environment and Economic Development.
  5. Appropriate Governance Regimes for Sustainable of Development (Economic; Social; Environmental and Human); Global Geo-Politics; Global Political and Economic Relations; Shifting power balance and Human and Resource sustainability; Human Rights violations and Economic Development.
  6. Major issues in Management  and  Development: Management Education and managerial quality in socio - Economic Development (at institution, enterprise and macro level) All issues including examination process; curriculum development;  Human Resource, Vocational Training  and Project Management ;corporate governance;organisational behavior and natural resource management and conservation etc;Role of Corporate sector in development of India and other countries.

    Awards for best presention of papers:-

International Institute for Management Sciences (IIMS), the co host of 7th IIDS International Conference has instituted 3 awards for the three best presentation of papers at this conference.The awrd ceremony will be held on Saturday 18th Decnber at the Plenary Session.

Please note the best presentation of a paper does not guarantee the automatic selection of its inclusion in an edited book to be published by a New York based publisher after the conference.