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History of IIDS:  
The International Institute Of Development Studies was established in Calcutta, India in 1990 as a multi-Disciplinary non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering co-operation in research among academics around the world and providing the academic community with a platform for discussion of various issues affecting world community. In pursuance of these objectives, the IIDS, among its other activities, organises International conferences on development issues in various cities around the world every to years in collaboration with an institute in the host country. IIDS conferences have received wide acceptance by and acclaim from the global academic community.


1992 January Calcutta, India
1993 December University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
1994 December Calcutta , India
1995 August Swedish School of Economics & Business Administration, Helsinki Finland
1997 June Utkal University Bhubaneshwar, India
In 1997, a branch office of IIDS was opened in Australia, which led to a New Series of IIDS conferences. All International activities of IIDS are organized by Professor K.C. Roy. The conferences held under the new series are as follows:


1997 November University Kebangsan, Malaysia, Bangi, Malaysia
1998 July Central Michigan University,Michigan, USA 
2001/2002 NCDS, Bhubaneshwar, India
2003 December Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
2005 December The University of South Pacific, Suva
2008 July The University of Technology, Mauritius
History of IIMS:
IIMS is an autonomous and non-profit educational body and well known in the business and management corridors. It is a centre of excellence and growth, and is in this area since 1979 in Management education & training mode. Based on the vast and rich experience gained during these years, the IIMS has ventured out with a new management institute at a "sprawling lush and green campus" near Uluberia Industrial Growth Centre, Howrah.
IIMS Visions:
  • Basic education with Indian heritage
  • Technological environment ,education & management.
  • Academic spread with internal discipline.
  • Quality of thoughts and actions.
  • Management & Business education.
  • Hospitality & Entertainment management.
  • Event management.
Missions of IIMS :
  • Close interface with industry, society, government, academic community  students, parents & faculties for developing a common interest & continuous improvement in the quality of education, learning & functioning of the Institute.
  • Development of MIS for ready availability of data for common understanding, acceptance, monitoring, action and co-ordination.
  • Undertake research project-regional as well as global, including sociometric studies into human behaviour-social, cultural relationship and also in such other fields as economic, business & industry.
  • The principal objective of IIMS is directed towards equipping its alumni with excellence so that they may prove themselves worthy of the responsibility entrusted to.