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Dear Delegates,  

In our respective roles as Chairman and Co-Chairman of the organising committee of the 7th International Institute for Development Studies (IIDS) International Conference on Development (New Series), we are extending to you a warm invitation to come to Calcutta in December 2010 to attend this prestigious international conference. The first IIDS conference of the old series was held in Calcutta in January 1992. Hence after almost 18 years, we will be hosting this conference again in Calcutta.

Historical Background

The British East India Company’s Political Control over Bengal and effectively over India began at the Battle of Plassey after the victory of East India Company’s army, led by Robert Clive over the Bengal Nawab’s army. Clive, after the war, shifted the centre of power from Murshidabad to Calcutta. This act of Clive heralded the beginning of glory days of Calcutta. In 1958, after Queen Victoria took over the administration of India from the East India Company, Calcutta became the Imperial Capital of British India, and Calcutta’s influence and control extended over to Singapore, Hong Kong, Burma, and Ceylon right upto 1940s.

Rudyard Kipling was fascinated by the beauty and the grandeur of Calcutta which was then, after London, the second largest and the most beautiful city of the British Empire.

Today the past glory of Calcutta as the centre of India’s political and economic power is lessened but its role as the vanguard of India’s old “club culture”, music (classical and modern), song and dance, drama, fine arts and of “culinary culture” lives on.

Conference Venue

It is in one of those modern clubs like the old ones of the bygone British era that we are holding this conference. The “Country Club ” (Panchwati Resorts) is located in a large sprawling campus surrounded by the trees and the gardens. It has a composite structure consisting of conference and accommodation facilities; a swimming pool; pub; gymnasium; and other facilities.

Since the “country club” is located at some distance from the Calcutta City centre, it is important that all delegates stay at the “Country Club”. Accordingly, we will block book sufficient number of rooms for all delegates to stay at the conference venue. Our sightseeing programmes include visits to the city centre almost every day for different activities.

Therefore, please bring along your partners and friends to participate at this conference and to enjoy Calcutta’s famous culture and hospitality. We would also request you to forward the call for papers to your friends and colleagues along with the website advertisement.

Expression of Interest

We expect a large number of delegates to participate in the conference and would strongly suggest a reasonably firm expression of interest from paper presenters and non-paper presenters as earlier as possible and preferably long before the due date for submission of abstracts.

Please send to us the details of members and names of delegates attending the conference, including postal, email, fax, and phone numbers. This information will help us to have an early estimate of the number of rooms we are required to book well in advance of the final date of receipt of abstracts. Also, please advise us of your arrival and flight details to arrange for pick up at Calcutta airport.

Looking forward to meeting with all of you in Calcutta. For further information on membership and other activities of IIDS Australia, please contact Kartik Roy at the following email address and/or the postal address given in the letterhead.


With best wishes,

Kartik Roy, Chairman (
Sandip Kar, Co-Chairman (
Organising Committee
The Seventh IIDS International Conference on Development (New Series)