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International Journal of Development Management


The International Institute for Development Management Trust has launched a new referred journal entitled: International Journal of Development Management (IJDM) .It is a multi- disciplinary International Journal and hence all issues relating to the Management of Economics, social, political and environmental development are included within the scope of this journal. It is a half yearly journal. The first issue is expected to come out in July-August and the second issue in December – January each year. Articles are invited on any issue within these above noted broad areas. Articles received by mid March will be considered for publication in July- August issue and those received by Mid August will be considered for publication in December – January issue each year. The inaugural issue will come out in February 2010.

 Manuscript Submissions:

  1. Three hard copies typed in double spacing with wide margins and an electronic copy are to be submitted to the editorial office.
  2. An article should not exceed 25 A-4 sized pages.
  3. On the top page, below the title, authors name, Institutional affiliation and email address must be clearly typed. This would be followed by 150 words abstract, which will contain the central theme of and main points of originality in the article. Each article must begin with an introduction.

Presentation of Tables And Figures:

 All tables and figures must be numbered consecutively and titled and must have full reference in Harvard Style of sources at the end of each table.

Citation of References:

  All citations must be in Harvard Style and carefully checked for completeness, accuracy and consistency.

Citation in the Text:

Follow the following order: Only surname and year of publication (Roy, 1988); (Chai and Roy, 2006); (Roy, Blomqvist and Clark, 2008).

All references cited in the text must be cited in the list of references. Any reference which is not in the text cannot be included in the list of references which will be prepared in alphabetical order.

Citation of References:

  1. For a single authored book: Surname, initials, (year of publication), title of the book, place of publication , then colon(:) then the name of the publisher.
  2. For a multiple authored book: For the first author, Surname first, then initial; for second  and third authors – first and second names, then surnames . The rest is the same as for a single authored book.
  3. Edited Books: For single or multiple editors, citations of authors’ names follows the same process as that for authored books

Follow the following example:

Roy, K., H. Blomqvist and C. Clark Eds.(2008), Institutions and Gender Empowerment in the Global Economy, Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Company..

      4.   For book chapters: Surname, initials, (year), “Chapter title” in inverted comas, first authors surname, then initials; for other authors’ initials first and surname last; then first editor’s surname, initials; other editors’, initials and surnames, then title of the book , then place of publications and  page numbers of the chapter.

Example: Roy K.., H. Blomqvist and C. Clark (2008), “Development and Powerment: Theoretical and Conceptual Issues’, in Roy, K., H. Blomqvist and C. Clark, Eds. Institutions and Gender Empowerment in the Global Economy.

Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Company, pp 1- 20

 Journal Articles

 Citization of authors names same as that of authors for book chapters, then, (year), then the title of the article in inverted comma, then the name of the journal ,then volume, number of the issue, then page numbers.

English Composition

 The authors must ensure that the English composition and grammar in the manuscript is correct.

Copyright Compliance

 Articles must comply with copyright regulation. Hence, authors submitting articles for publications must ensure that the work does in no way infringe copyright rules. If it does then authors have to indemnify the publisher against any breach of such warranty. Any article submitted to this journal must therefore be the original contribution of the author or authors and must not be under consideration for publication in another journal at the same time.

Address for Manuscript Submission:

The Managing Editor 
International Journal of Development Management (IJDM)
Chatterjee International Centre,
14th Flr, Room No. 5,
33 A, J. L. Nehru Road,
Calcutta: 760071, India

Email Address:,

Subscription Rates

For Subscribers within India

 Rs 500 per year, Rs 1400 for three years.

 For Subscribers from overseas countries

Euros 20 per year; Euros 55 for three years.

 Mode of Payment

 Payment can be made by a bank draft issued in favour of IIDM Trust and by sending by post the draft to the above noted Journal office in Calcutta.

 NB: The seventh IIDS conference delegates are also most welcome if some of them pay wish to pay their subscription for the journal in cash at the conference registration desk. The journal needs the financial support of delegates for its sustainability and future growth. 

Please note that this refereed International journal  on Development Management has been launched with the primary objective of helping academics to publish artcles in a good refereed International Journal and thereby to improvement prospects.